Hi  Mary Ann, hope you're doing well! I am so impressed with you and your  outstanding puppies! I have had Piper for almost 2 months and it has  been pure bliss. Your paperwork you provided me with for AKC & her  family history dating 5 generations has helped put any fears I had to  rest. Her vet is amazed with what a healthy spunky puppy she is! And her  heart sounds perfect, which is always a concern he has with cavaliers.  She is the most beautiful and kind baby and such a happy addition to my  family. I hope you continue on the cavalier family so one day if Piper  needs a sister or brother I know who I'll be coming to! Thank you so  much again,



 We had Cooper groomed on  Thursday. I just wanted you to see this precious boy of Goldenway's Lil  Baby Girl and Goldenways Tiger at Tyco Ranch. Cooper is doing great. He  is sooooo smart. He's is such a joy! Just wanted to share, so you know  how he's doing.Karen M. 


 Mary Ann, I wanted to  update you this morning on Buster. He is fitting right in with the  family. He and Daisy play together, eat together and even nap together.  Daisy plays the part well as big sister by keeping Buster in line and  teaching him the ropes. Both our Cavs have brought us so much joy.
Thank you again! Kreis Family

Daisy 1.5 years old

Buster 4 mo old 


 Hi Mary Ann,
I  just wanted to update you on how Romeo Ayres is doing. He may just be  one of the most loved puppies ever! He goes with us most everywhere and  loves sleeping on our laps, if not in his crate. (He's napping on my lap  as I write now.) He is running more and loves going outside (when it's  not raining like today). How thankful we are for a mild winter! A few  weeks ago we took him on his first car trip - 4 hours to Gatlinburg. He  did amazingly well!
We live just two blocks from the kid's school, so  he frequently goes with me for drop-off and pick-up - and of course all  the kids and parents and other dogs LOVE to see him! So he is certainly  getting socialized. We have taken him to our local dog park and will do  so more when he gets bigger. He has all of his shots up to date and the  vet office is so excited when he comes in. Kenny Chesney and Kelly  Pickler also take their pets there : ) Our plan is to wait as long as we  can before getting him neutered. The vet said it would be best to wait  after he is fully grown and his growth plates have closed. She says it  makes for a healthier dog. So of course we will do everything we can for  that!
Romey is very smart. He rings a bell every time he needs to go  outside. We chose to feed him Origin food, which is a good, meat-filled  kibble and we still mix it with the same kind of good food you gave us.  Oh, and of course, his favorite chew toy is the bully stick!
The  crate training has been super. We also had a pack-n-play set up for him  until a few days ago. Now that he's good with the bell-ringing to go  outside, I let him roam a bit more on our main level. I will start him  in an obedience training class next week where he will learn to walk on a  leash and he will learn commands like drop-it and stop.
We are  getting landscaping done around our house and he had fun tramping around  in the mud a few days ago. So, into the bath he went!
Thank you  again for our new family member. I tell everyone about how wonderful you  are and how wonderfully you do with breeding amazing cavaliers! J.A. 


 Sawyer  turned 1 yesterday! He is the most handsome, sweetest dog :) he has  filled out nicely. Weighing 18.6 lbs. I'll send a few more recent  pictures. Thought you might want to see. Thank you again...
He's the best! :) D.S 


 Our Cavalier puppy Simba  (main character, Lion King) is 100% healthy! Doing great! I'll keep you  posted. He's getting along well with Tinkerbell (cat) and Ferb  (terrier). T.S. 


Dear Mary Ann, I can't  begin to tell you how much joy "Cooper" has brought me. I've been  widowed for almost three years now and Cooper has filled a void in so  many ways.He stays right with me constantly. What a wonderful companion.  Cooper is smart as he can be. He learns fast. At 4 1/2 months he sits,  down, turns around, rolls over and sits pretty (begging).He has lots of  energy and at the same time is very, very affectionate. Owning Cooper is  like a dream come true. He's everything I've always wanted in a pet.  I've raised Poodles, Norwegian Elkhound and Yorkies. None of these  breeds compare to my little "Cavie". Best regards,Gloria N.